turing splash screen

> turing is a text adventure-style game created in RenPy for STS 350: Understanding Video Games in Fall 2017 using a custom-built text adventure engine.  In this game, you play as a new employee of the mysterious Electric Sheep Inc. screening “candidates” through a chat interface to determine whether they are human or AI.  Your interface to this world is a computer, where you type in commands and interact with bots, candidates, emails, and some mysterious agents of a pro-AI resistance movement.

Download and play > turing on [Windows] or [Mac]!

Producer:  Jeff Cho
Developers:  Jeff Cho (Lead Developer), Brandon Wieliczo
Designers:  Kieran Downs, Jeff Cho
Writers:  Aidan Herron (Writing Coordinator), Maddy Hebert (Editor), Shelby Carleton, Jeff Cho (Auxiliary)
Composer:  Kieran Downs
Audio:  Kieran Downs, Jeff Cho